• Established in 1974 with one-helicopter
  • Now HAI includes twelve helicopters, thirty employees, and four hangars in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Mississippi and Florida
  • Applications have grown to include:

     Gypsy Moth, Mosquitoes and Black Fly spraying

     aquatic control of vegetation

     right-of-way surveys, forest vegetation management, and fertilization

     fire protection with bambi buckets and heli-torches  

  • Employees work with the FAA and EPA, to improve and develop new application techniques and mechanisms; to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.
  • Remote Sensing has been added to an already growing company. Since   the spring of 2002, HAI has purchased three state-of-the-art camera   systems, housed in gyro-stabilized turrets

     -Pixel 275 II daytime camera,

     -Kelvin 350 II infrared system,

     -AISA Eagle 1K Hyperspectral Sensor.  

HAI has also expanded to include software

     -Arc View GIS (geographic information systems) with a mobile GIS lab,

     -custom built geo-rectification software (GAIA)

     processing software of HyDaPS and GBC Transform 

  • All aircraft are equipped with Ag-Nav systems

     aids in navigation during flight

     displays where the pilots have flown post-flight.

     enables pre- and post-flight navigation accuracy and precision  

The reputation of HAI is evident in safety records, reflecting high standards of safety and maintenance as well as pilots who have accumulated up to thirty years of flight experience individually. These pilots are adept at flying at low altitudes, and the higher altitudes of the west coast



Helicopter Applicators, Inc. 1670 York Rd  Gettysburg, PA 17325