Aerial Application

Helicopter Applicators, Incorporated performs a multitude of aerial applications. From fungicide to herbicide and Insecticide, HAI has worked alongside government agencies as well as private industry to provide accurate and timely applications that meet our client’s needs. The majority of applications are performed with the aid of onboard navigational computers. Shapefiles are uploaded for the pilot to follow which greatly increases precision and allows for the job to be completed with minimal time and product wasted. For the past 40 years, HAI has applied products for the control of insects such as Gypsy Moth, Forest Tent Caterpillar, and Black Fly as well as applications of fungicide and fertilizer for row crops such as corn and soybeans. HAI also performs herbicide applications in a multitude of areas such as forestry, right-of-way and anywhere there is undesired vegetation.

Dry Aerial Application

Helicopter Applicators, Incorporated utilizes both internal tanks as well as seeder buckets for dry aerial applications. One example of these would be for the control of mosquitoes with the application of larvacides. Another example would be cover-crop seeding where either the internal or external system could be utilized to spread clover, radish, wheat, and/or rye.


By utilizing various bucket systems, Helicopter Applicators, Incorporated has been instrumental in the rehabilitation of areas with planned erosion control projects on steep inclines. Our helicopters can quickly and safely maneuver in any area where a ground-based hydromulching system cannot reach. Along with aerial hydromulching, HAI has the ability to spread lime, and sling in supplies for ground crews to spread. Aerial spreading is both fast and economical.

Aerial Ignition

The use of aerial fire ignition for the purposes of prescribed burning by dropping incendiary devices or materials from aircraft. This method provides a controlled burn of fuels such as grasses, weeds, underbrush and leaf litter that could pose the threat of wildfire. By utilizing this method, HAI can fly over forested or rugged areas that ground crews may not be able to easily access with drip torches. This will prevent the burn of fuels to get so intense as to harm the forest itself during the burn.

Aerial Lift

Helicopter Applicators, Inc. offers lifting capabilities up to 3,000 pounds by utilizing its fleet of various helicopters. We can meet the lifting requirements for construction projects to recovery operations, doing so in a safe and cost effective manner. Our pilots have experience working in a variety of environments from wide open spaces to confined, tight areas.



Wildlife Surveys

Helicopter Applicators, Inc. utilizes the FLIR Kelvin 350 II to perform aerial infrared wildlife surveys. The sensor covers the thermal range of .8um through .12um, resolving 4096 levels of heat radiation. The Thermovision 1000 sensor is housed in a gyro-stabilized ball and is mounted on the belly of a Bell 206 Jet Ranger. The sensor can also be used in the progression mapping of forest fires.

Aerial Photography

Helicopter Applicators, Inc. can provide an aerial platform for your professional photography needs.

Motion Picture

HAI has provided static displays as well as flyable aircraft for motion pictures as well as television series. Working closely with production, we have provided aerial coordination for films such as Shadow Conspiracy, starring Charlie Sheen, and TV series such as Zero Hour, starring Anthony Edwards.

Fire Suppression

Helicopter Applicators, Incorporated actively participates in state and federal, fire suppression programs. HAI utilizes OAS carded aircraft, pilots and support vehicles for the U.S. Forest Service as well as non-carded, restricted category aircraft for state contracts.  HAI has the ability to use bambi buckets of varying capacities, depending on the aircraft utilized.